Tips for Landing Entertainment Industry Jobs

Entertainment industry jobs are not as hard to find as you might think! Hollywood may be a competitive place filled with hard-working writers, directors, actors, camera operators, editors, PAs, and script supervisors, but it’s also an industry that grows and evolves as film and TV crews move from one project to the next. Follow our FilmUp tips so that you can land the entertainment industry jobs you’ve always wanted!

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Consider different areas of the industry

You might think you know exactly what you want to do. But if you’re just getting started looking for entertainment industry jobs, you might want to expand your search. Take a different position on a film set. If you don’t know much about other positions, you could volunteer or intern to get started. Even if you’ve only worked in production on student films, you might consider applying for jobs and internships in development offices instead of on set. You could also try working in other departments, such as post-production, marketing, distribution, social media, home entertainment, virtual reality, or publicity. Expand your knowledge of how the entertainment industry works while also learning a lot about various jobs.
You might discover that you have a talent for something you’ve never tried before. You’ll also be able to make connections with people who know other people in your ideal department. A job in a different department is better than no job at all. It could eventually lead you to your dream position. Working in different positions can also help you to be a better leader if you have aspirations to direct or produce. You’ll understand how all the jobs work and what to expect from your crew members.

Use the internet to your advantage

We all apply for entertainment industry jobs on the internet these days, but you can also go online to network. You’d be surprised how many people have made meaningful connections on social media platforms. You can also read blogs or articles from people who currently have the job you want for specific advice. Don’t forget to set up a FilmUp profile, upload your reel (or photo or music portfolios) and list your skills and experience. You can also have your referrals verify your credentials.
If you work on new projects, simply update your profile. FilmUp is used by people all over the world so you can find local productions in a variety of cities. The site can also help you meet people if you’ve just moved to a new city. Finally, take advantage of the fact that you can also get up to a year of a premium membership for free by inviting your friends to FilmUp. Let’s build a community for entertainment industry jobs together!
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Connect with people on a deeper level

One of our favorite stories about the job search is something that happened to a woman who applied for a job at a TV studio. Although the person who interviewed her was impressed with her entertainment industry job experience, she noticed something different on her resume: the candidate’s part-time job at a hip-hop yoga studio. The interviewer and the candidate ended up bonding over their love of yoga, something that made the candidate stand out from other applicants.
Of course, we’re not all yogis — but we all have passions beyond our job skills. Consider putting something you do in your spare time on your resume. Think of these things as “fun facts.” You can also pepper cover letters with some of your personality and interests. Make sure that your cover letter provides information that isn’t already obvious on your resume. For some jobs, you’ll only need to send a message, so you don’t need to be as formal as you would on a corporate cover letter.
Also, don’t forget to talk about why you were attracted to the entertainment industry in the first place. What movies and shows inspire you? You and your interviewer might share the same favorites. Discuss what you love and what you’ve seen lately to show that you’re passionate and knowledgeable. You can also talk about what you think is missing from the industry (without sounding overly cynical or prescriptive). What do you want to make projects about? Your future employer might share your passions. Maybe you both want to break down barriers and tell stories about inclusivity, equality, or other issues.

Let your passion lead the way

Sometimes, landing the right entertainment job takes time — a long time. Sometimes a big break comes from an unexpected source. Whether you’re looking to land your first entertainment job or somewhere along your journey toward your ultimate goal, let your passion for the craft of filmmaking guide you. Don’t worry if your career path isn’t conventional as long as you use your experiences to push yourself forward.

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