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We believe that when filmmakers work together they have the potential to change the world. That’s why we’re so proud of the connections that we’ve helped to build on the FilmUp platform. Right now, we’re working to make the jobs page faster, simpler, and more reliable. We know the most valuable resource for filmmakers is their community, so we’ve decided to talk to Billy Trotta, Content & Production Coordinator for HooplaHa – Only Good News, and a user of the FilmUp Job feature.
Billy and his team posted a listing earlier this year and hired one of the first FilmUp users for a project in Orlando, Florida. So we asked Billy about HooplaHa, his project, and hiring a FilmUp member. This is how to post and land a job using the FilmUp Jobs feature.

Billy, what is HooplaHa?

HooplaHa discovers great tales about real people and shines the spotlight on actions with a positive social impact. We’re committed to creating original videos of individuals and organizations focused spreading kindness, gratitude, and happiness.

What was the project you were hiring for?

We used FilmUp for hiring a crew in Orlando, Florida about the Orlando Cat Cafe. Cat cafés are popping up all over the United States, but this one is unique. This Cat Café is both a cat adoption center and a coffee shop that donates all of its profits to charitable causes. The original video was recorded by FilmUp’s own Jeremiah Baumbach.
You have to see these adorable cats.

What were the advantages of using the FilmUp Jobs feature?

As a Content Coordinator & Production Manager who hires 5-10 filmmakers monthly over the past two years, I’m always looking for new ways to reach filmmakers. FilmUp was a nice addition to the current database we use. It was great to add FilmUp to our list of professional outlets.

What was it like using the Jobs feature?

The portal was extremely helpful when booking a crew in an area that we did not have a local crew available. We heard back from multiple candidates and FilmUp was very helpful in selecting the filmmaker that was a perfect fit. We had a very positive experience with Jeremiah and his skills were as advertised.

Would you post on the Jobs feature again?

Definitely! FilmUp is a great way for young filmmakers to share their skills and find jobs. The service will most definitely be used again.
orlando video shoot - filmup jpbs

How to land a job using the FilmUp Jobs feature

Not a FilmUp member? Start by creating a profile, uploading your reel, and listing all your past experiences. We have new jobs rotating as projects are staffing, so be sure to check back often.
We recently featured Peter Samuelson and his job posting for his new film, Foster Boy. We’re excited to see FilmUp users contribute to this amazing project!
FilmUp is a direct and personal way to connect with filmmakers with the skills your project needs. Premium members have the ability to reach out to and connect with more users directly. Sign-up for an account today and earn up to a year of premium for free by inviting your friends to use FilmUp.

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