Our 6 Top Apps for Filmmakers

Filmmaking apps have become an integral piece of equipment for filmmakers in the digital age. Apps make it easy to carry a crew’s worth of expertise and equipment in your pocket. App developers have been creating more advanced and useful tools for filmmakers over the past 10 years and the technology available is incredible (and sometimes free!).  App developers have not forgotten the film industry, here are 7 of the top apps for filmmakers that will make a difference on set.

Our Top Apps for Filmmakers:

1. LapseIt

If you’re looking to get a stop-motion or time-lapse sequence filmed, LapseIt can get the shots you’re looking for. The app can import previously recorded shots and also uses vibrant HD. This app costs absolutely nothing but the amount of time it takes to download it.
Cost: Free
Platforms: iOS and Android

2. Kodak Cinema Tools

This isn’t just a tool, it’s a binder of tools. Magically, this binder even includes sanity-saving aspect ratio references and glossaries. Think that can’t be topped? This app of many apps is also free.
Cost: Free
Platforms: iOS and Android

3. ShotLister

Keep track of your shots in this convenient app. Additionally, schedule your shots in advance using ShotLister. Other impressive features include multi-cam support the ability to hold your eons of shots and scenes. shotlister.com 
Cost: iOS free, $13.99 Android, $39.99 macOS
Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS

4. Switcher Studio

This application can meet the demands of low-budget indie enthusiast, film major, or prospective director. One of the most incredible features is that the program can link up to four iOS devices and allows recording by switching. The finished product is easily uploadable to sources like YouTube Live or UStream. Switcher Studio would be especially functional for live productions, shorts, or web shows. The only downfall is that currently, only iOS and Windows 10 are listed as supported devices and wifi is always required. The service operates on a subscription fee of $20/month. If you purchase the $500/year edition, you also gain access to Switcher Studio Pro.
Platforms: iOS and Windows 10 only
Cost: $0-500, $20/month subscription fee

5. Celtx

Celtx, another all-in-one application, creates an easier pre-production workflow. Whether scriptwriting or prepping shoots, you can be ready faster and with less effort when you use Celtx. Impressively, the app also means everyone works from one master file. Wifi is also unnecessary and the app can be used offline. Celtx can help keep you on budget and well-documented, too. Although the app is free for both operating systems, an amplified version of the app with Premium Scriptwriting can be purchased for an additional fee.  
Platforms: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

6. Green Screener

If you’re looking to shoot a green screen scene, Green tcelScreener can aid you in getting your lighting right with tools such as the ever-helpful light meter. If you’re looking to remove some of the traditional pains of green screening, GreenScreener is your go-to.
Platforms: iOS and Android
Cost: $9.99

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